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Click on the link (Heart Disease) below, listen to the doctor and take the heart disease test, it could safe your life. Dr. Qaadyi in Canada. Heart disease is a killer all over the world.

                        Heart Disease


The Clarksburg Back to Health and Living Community hosted the annual 2007 WV PA meeting at United Hospital Center on (May 19, 2007) with a Dr. Ornish Video Conference at noon. Our topic this year was the connection of SDC locations with ideas and examples from each how we can increase and maintain attendance at each SDC locations. Click on the link to see pictures and a brief summary of the program. LINK TO MEETING 


The Dean Ornish Program At United Hospital Center.  I want to thank Toni Marascio for her never tiring efforts as administrator of the program. She has scheduled classes worked with our insurance and spent many hours with us. With out her and her staff we may not have had a positive future to look toward.


For Information Contact The Health Connection At 304-624-2935, or visit their classes web site at and click on classes.

If you would like emailed copies of the Clarksburg, Huntington and Morgantown Newsletters please E-mail me at .


1. link to the past Clarksburg SDC newsletters.

2. link to over 120 healthy recipes.

3. link to Product Food Guide.

Please visit the excellent Charleston SDC website at . They are maintaining a data base of the monthly newsletters from Huntington, Morgantown and Clarksburg.

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Program Components: The Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, consists of four components, each equally important:

Nutrition: Participants follow a very low-fat vegetarian eating style that acquires less than 10 percent of its calories from fat. All animal products are excluded, with the exception of egg whites and non-fat dairy foods. There is no limit on calorie intake. We have a large list of Ornish Recipes for heart disease reversal. Just click on Recipes.

Exercise: Walking, strength training and water aerobics are encouraged because they are low-impact. Thirty minutes of exercise a day or one hour, three times a week is recommended.

Stress Management: Participants are taught stress management techniques, such as progressive relaxation, yoga and meditation. One hour of stress management per day is required.

Group Support: Regular group meetings are scheduled for participants to connect and share feelings about life experiences.

The program works myself and many others are living proof, and the others in my group of cohorts have major health changes that are positive in only twelve weeks of the program. The Life Style Program is positive in all respects from weight loss, lower blood pressure, better blood work, a more positive out look on life, and feeling better about yourself.

As of April 2007 the program at UHC has graduated 17 cohorts, over 147 participants and growing in numbers. Cohort 18 will be starting in April. Below is a picture of most of the graduates from Cohort 1, Cohort 2, and Cohort 3. Our Self Directed Community (SDC) started in January 2003. This site will be updated with news of the Self Directed Community. The future looks exciting and bright with our increased health, increased participants, increased community involvement from stores providing us with the healthy foods we require.

Below are the twelve graduates and staff from Cohort One, first 12 weeks of the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Heart Disease Reversal, provided at United Hospital Center in Clarksburg West Virginia. (Nick Name "The Dirty Dozen")



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