On May 19, we held the annual WV and PA meeting at United Hospital Center. There were 27 in   attendance. United Hospital Center provided an excellent vegetable and fruit dishes for the breaks and a great meal after the meeting. We appreciate the use of the conference room for the teleconference with Dr. Ornish.


 On the next few pages is an outline of the speakers at the meeting. We all appreciate their effort and commitment to our healthy life style change. With out our connection to other SDC locations these meetings would not be possible. We also want to thank everyone that helped with the set up of the program. We were concerned at first that we would have a lot of time left over so we prepared a contingency plan, but we ended up running about 30 minutes late.

 Booklets were handed out during the meeting with information on nutrition information, product guide for Ornish friendly foods, 65 new Ornish recipes, 20 new complete meals, and a Stress Management CD. The Ornish self directed community manual and other handouts were also given during the meeting.

 Below is a picture of Dan Webster the Vice-President of the Clarksburg Back to Health and Living Community. Dan was the chair person for the meeting. Dan is an excellent mentor and asset to our SDC.


Below is a picture of Wes Miller the President of the Clarksburg SDC. We are all very proud of Mr. Miller. Wes has helped with an Ornish video for the Ornish program, involved with a presentation to the board for Medicare with Dr. Ornish, featured in Forbes, Better Homes, and UHC magazines. Most of all Wes is a mentor and example of a true Ornish miracle.


Ron Begolea gave an excellent presentation on bulk foods and the opportunity for all of us to share in their program. Thanks Ron for the Whole Wheat snacks at each table.


Marlene Janco from HighMark Blue Cross Blue Shield gave an excellent presentation on the Ornish Clinical Outcomes of 2261 participants in WV and PA, showing that the Ornish program decreases cardiovascular risk by 50% and a reduction in health care utilization. Marlene also handed out the new SDC community manual.


The high light of the program was the video conference with Dr. Ornish. Dr. Ornish spoke for 25 minutes on the importance of what each of us is doing for the future of health care, and updates on the progress of the program through congress and many restaurants and companies and for us to keep up the good work in maintaining our good health. Dr. Ornish answered questions for about 30 minutes. We all appreciate him being with us on this Saturday. Check out Dr. Ornish's News Week column at .


Elizabeth Connor RYT, Stress Management Instructor at UHC discussed the up coming Ornish Refresher Course at UHC, starting June 16, 2007


Jennie Lewis from the Morgantown SDC gave an excellent presentation about the beginning of their SDC and how it functions. Their involvement with the community, doctors, and hospital. Examples of the Ask me about Ornish Pins.


Thelma Hutchins from the Morgantown SDC gave an excellent presentation on Celiac disease. This was a very interesting presentation. We wanted Thelma to present this information so that each SDC would understand that special consideration is needed for Pot Luck dinners at the SDC locations. People have problems in addition to heart disease, and need to be considered at the dinners. For more information on Thelma's disease please visit.


Ronnie VanGilder from the Morgantown SDC gave an excellent presentation on the Morgantown SDC and what they are doing to recruit new members.


Denise Binion from the Morgantown SDC gave an excellent presentation and demonstration of Jin Shin Jyutsu.



Joy Howard from the Greensburg SDC gave an excellent presentation on the history of their SDC and what they are presently doing to recruit new members.


Larry Snider gave an excellent presentation on what the Clarksburg SDC is doing to promote attendance and awareness of the SDC to new program graduates, along with a history of the Clarksburg SDC.  Larry is also has the honor of being Harrison county coach of the year.



Jennie Wilkins Dietitian at UHC gave and excellent presentation on new Ornish Nutrition updates.


Jeff Adams from the Rochester NY SDC gave an excellent presentation on Cancer awareness.


Edward Ehlers from the Rochester NY SDC gave an excellent presentation on dietary problems associated with milk. Fat free skim milk is part of the Ornish program, and is on the diet. We wanted Ed to provide information on some of his research, and information from the China study.


I (Larry Massey) gave a small presentation on information received from other SDC locations. Examples of brochures and congratulation certificates were shown from Rebekah Chris of the New Castle SDC. These are presented to each new graduating cohort by members of the SDC. I talked about the excellent website provided by the Huntington SDC. And the great monthly newsletters provided by Charleston, Greensburg, Morgantown and Clarksburg SDCs.

Our meeting this year was to discuss how each location contacts cohort graduates to be involved with the SDC. We had many excellent ideas with some we in Clarksburg will consider introducing into our mentoring program. I and we want to thank all the participants this year.

 In conclusion to the meeting I read an email from Rich Hopkins of the Charleston SDC. They are having an outing at a baseball game and serve Smart Dogs and other Ornish friendly treats during the game this is a great idea. He also said in his email,” Our attendance is very similar to  yours. That can be rather disturbing if you let it, but those numbers are apparently as good or better than the national average. Dr. Avenson, Ornish Psychologist, has counseled us, during a recent conference call, to not be discouraged by the turnouts. Work with those who want to be worked with and don’t try to change what you are to get others to be retained into the group. We in Charleston are attempting to remain as attractive as we can to all members.” I appreciate these comments from Rich and felt it was a good way to conclude the meeting.

Please email me with any ideas for next years meeting, locations, length of meeting, time of year, topics, etc.

Attendees: Adams Jeff, Begolea Ron, Binion Denise, Connor Elizabeth, Ehlers Edward, Fligge Karen, Frith Stanley, Griffith Martha, Howard Joy, Hutchins Thelma, Janco Marlene, Lewis Jeannie, Massey Larry, McFarlin Dave, Miller Wesley, Mutschelknaus Marry, Mutschelknaus William, Quintana Liz, Snider Larry, Stepp Sherry, Taylor Linda, VanGilder Ronnie, Weaver Max, Weaver Nancy, Webster Dan, Wilkins Jennie, Wolfe David B.

 Satisfaction Survey – From the survey with satisfaction rating between 1 for very unsatisfied to a 7 for very satisfied. We averaged a 6.1. The question – What did you enjoy most? – Dr. Ornish video and connection with other SDC groups. The main question on the survey was how to improve participation in the SDC? - Answers were- (More interaction prior to graduation), (Start pushing the SDC early in the program), (Keep in touch phone calls, emails), (Have more varity at the SDC, cooking classes, yard sales, picnics, different outings).


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