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Many research studies have found that people who feel socially isolated are at greater risk for death from heart disease and other causes. Research participants from the Lifestyle Heart Trial found the group support sessions served to create a strong sense of community and connection which decreased their feelings of isolation and supported them in their lifestyle changes.

Bi-weekly and weekly meetings are viewed as a time for members to talk about their experiences and feelings, and to listen openly to others. Participants are asked to develop the ability to listen to the story or concerns of other members without giving advice or attempting to find solutions for others. Communication skills are discussed in the group also, addressing the differences between thoughts and feelings. While these groups have been found to be therapeutic, they are not seen as a form of group therapy. The emphasis here is on allowing a sense of connection to develop - connection with one's own inner feelings and with other group members.

 I want to thank Charlotte Swiger for her help during our group meetings. Charlotte has been our inspiration and leader to finding our own feelings. And understanding that we are not alone in our battle with heart disease. Charlotte has been a important friend to all of us in our times of need.




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